The Midwest Telegraph Media Co-op is dedicated to increasing access to independent media and promoting collaborative approaches to social justice activism. We develop leadership, capacity building and community journalism skills by providing Urban Retreats, Freedom Schools and recurring opportunities for community-based dialogues, forums, conferences, and podcasts. Using processes grounded in contemplative and creative practices, we develop life affirming, non-violent, liberation practices which can sustain cultural and personal transformation.

Principles of Unity

We value mindfulness and blamelessness as a foundation for the development of personal and social transformation.

We agree that access to independent media is a critical resource for social justice communities and necessity for the protection of democratic freedoms.

We support efforts to re-frame political issues and conversations within public and media contexts so that they are more inclusive of the priorities and voices of marginalized communities and can more effectively provide alternatives to corporate media.

We support efforts to promote civic engagement, raise awareness about civil rights activism and history, and help restore the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

We see the harmful impact of racism as a historical and intersectional phenomenon connected to other forms of oppression such as economic exploitation and misogyny.

We commit ourselves to becoming active allies in anti-racism and will take Midwest Telegraph’s anti-racism training within 3 months of becoming a supporter/co-op member.

We are committed to broadening and retaining people of color and Black leadership and are working to reach at least 5o% representation of people of color in leadership and general membership within one year. We place intentional focus on including Black voices in the leadership and maintaining at least two black people in the core committee at all times. We commit to creating multi-lingual co-op information whenever possible.

We recognize that the various forms of social oppression are linked and support Midwest Telegraph’s goal to build cooperation and solidarity between social justice groups and commit to broadening our understanding of intersectionality.


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